Large Holiday Homes to Rent? Let us manage that for you!

If you have at least one large holiday home that you’d like to make available for self-catering group accommodation in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley, we help rent your cottages for you and establish your holiday business from beginning to end.

Flexibility in running your self catering holiday business

It is your holiday home – we fit in with your plans.  If you have special requirements as to who can book a stay at your holiday house then we ensure these are met.  We aren’t like the big booking sites who just want to put numbers through your doors to meet the demands of their shareholders, we find the kind of people you’re happy to have stay in your home.

Performance of your group self catering holiday business

We generate good bookings – an average of 50 self catering holidays booked for each property every year. Most are three night weekends, the backbone of the industry, but during school holidays we book lots of weeks (and sometimes 14 nights) for large groups.

Early Payment for your group self catering holiday business

We pay you in full, weeks before your guests arrive. Not only that but we hand over the deposit (keeping the deposit is how most holiday agents organize their payments: first them, then you) We understand that you need a cashflow to maintain your holiday home in tip top condition.

Protection for your large group holiday home

We hold a damages deposit, to protect your holiday home or cottage, with every booking and we don’t give it back until you’re happy.

Clear fees for our services

We charge a maximum of 20% plus VAT of the rent of the large self catering group holiday paid by holidaymakers for taking and arranging bookings. We don’t charge ‘registration fees’, ‘insurance fees’ or any other ‘extras’. We only earn a fee when we generate a booking for your  holiday home.

Free support and advice to owners of large holiday houses and cottages

Our team has a well-earned reputation for helpfulness and consideration and will offer advice on everything from development and planning to income forecasts and interior design.

Setting up your holiday home

We can write your advertising copy, provide all your necessary documentation and even write and design your website. There is a charge for these services.

No Online Bookings for your self catering holiday business

Surprising perhaps, but Its a “no no” for us. We want to know who is coming to your home and what they want to do. We can and do turn people away if we think they aren’t right for you (we’ll always ask you first). Thankfully our occupancy rates are so high you aren’t affected and you are protected.

Taking care of your valuable self catering holiday cottage

The biggest difference. We can offer this service and 75% of our  home owners have has accepted it. Nobody gets into your house without us physically meeting them, showing them round and most importantly, telling them the rules of the house. Once they’ve gone we visit, check up and report back to you. If you want we can extend this into a fully managed service  – you needn’t even visit.