Things to do in the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean

To help you plan ahead for your holiday in the Wye Valley or Forest of Dean we’ve come up with some ideas in the articles below that will hopefully help you with this.

If you’re looking for an evening’s entertainment or family day out nearby, we also have a page listing what’s on this week along with future events in coming months and where to find them.

As you can see below there are lots of activities going on in the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean all the time.  Whether you’re looking for places to walk, outdoor activities like canoeing or mountain biking or exploring the local history and beauty, we’ll always update these pages so that you’ll have a great reference when looking for things to do on your holiday.

From ghosts in Raglan Castle to ancient standing stones, if you’re interested in visiting sites which blur the lines between folklore and history then you can experience something of these myths and legends while staying nearby in one of our large holiday homes. The Wye Valley contains some of the most haunted places in Wales. Continue reading Myths and Legends based in the Wye Valley