Staycations in the UK

Staycations don’t just mean you have to sit at home and play board games. Find out about great value holidays in the UK.

What is a Staycation?

The term Staycation has arisen due to the current economic conditions leaving Britons with less money to spend and rising political uncertainty in Europe and other holiday destinations that have traditionally been popular.

This has led many to look closer to home for their next big holiday or weekend break without having to worry about flight cancellations, political unrest or the Pound no longer going as far as it used to in other countries.

Whilst some choose to have their Staycation literally by staying at home and going for day trips, others choose to at least get a change of scenery and explore a different part of the country by staying in a hotel or holiday let.

What makes a Staycation better than going abroad?

Whilst the UK may not have the best weather compared to the Mediterranean, Middle East or the Caribbean, neither does it have the very real possibility of political unrest or extreme weather conditions that have been prevalent in other countries in recent years.

Also with the rise of theme parks, interest in outdoor pursuits and the amazing wildlife, historic landmarks and the ever present natural wonder on our doorstep in the UK, Britons are starting to appreciate what is available to them without the stress and potential disaster of leaving the country.

More time to enjoy your Staycation!

Another benefit is that you actually get more time to enjoy your holiday simply because you aren’t spending hours waiting for a train or a plane, never mind the journey itself. In fact by the time you actually drove to your airport and parked you could already be unpacked and enjoying a holiday in the Wye Valley!

What are the benefits of a large holiday home?

A large holiday home can actually save you money! For instance, a group of 20 could easily book a weekend for less than £100 per head! This leaves you with more money to get out and explore the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean.

It is also fairly central and isn’t very far away from most parts of the UK, so no arduous travelling is required!

Why choose a holiday home with Big House Holiday Lets?

BHHL specialise in managing self-catering holiday lettings for large groups within the UK, focusing on the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean because of its outstanding natural beauty and because there are a wealth of activities and things to do.

Our group accommodation is suitable for families to join together and experience many wonderful local attractions just a short drive from our holiday homes.

It is also great for groups of friends to get away or clubs with shared interests such as fishing, cycling, hiking or canoeing to take a weekend break enjoying their passion.

What makes us different from the big travel sites is that we live in the same area as the holiday homes we let, so if you need to know anything before you book just ask and we’ll be happy to talk through your requirements!

How do I book my Staycation?

At BHHL we love getting to know our customers. First, check the availability of our holiday homes with your preferred dates and if you’re undecided about which one fits in with your plans just call us on 01600 722929 or send us an email and we’ll be happy to tell you more about the houses and the local area and find the right one for you.