It really is worth contacting Big House Holiday Lets directly as we know our area and we can help to select the perfect house for you. We can also source other businesses (caterers, pamper people etc.) to help make your stay extra special.

Why  Direct?

Cost Savings: When you book directly, you often avoid the service fees or commission charges that third-party platforms might add. Property owners sometimes increase their listed prices on these platforms to cover the commission, which you can avoid by booking directly.

Better Communication: Direct booking allows for clear and immediate communication with the property owner or manager. This can be especially helpful for any specific requests, questions about the property, or if any issues arise during your stay.

Exclusive Offers: Sometimes, property owners offer special deals, discounts, or incentives that are only available when you book directly. These could include early check-in, late check-out, or additional services.

More Flexible Cancellation Policies: Direct bookings can sometimes offer more lenient cancellation policies compared to third-party sites, giving you more flexibility and peace of mind.

Personalized Experience: Direct interaction with the host can lead to a more personalized stay. The host can tailor your visit to your preferences, provide local tips, and assist with any special arrangements.

Supporting Local Economy: By booking directly, you ensure that your money goes straight to the local agent or property owner, rather than a portion of it going to a large corporation. This can be a way to support the local economy of the place you're visiting.

Accurate Property Information: Sometimes, the information on third-party sites can be outdated or not as detailed. Direct communication with the owner can give you the most accurate and up-to-date information about the property.

Loyalty Benefits: If you plan to return, booking directly might pave the way for loyalty benefits or preferential rates in the future. Property owners appreciate repeat business and might offer perks to encourage you to book with them again.

While third-party platforms can offer convenience and a broad selection of options, these benefits of direct booking are worth considering to make the most of your holiday let experience. Remember, as with any holiday you take, it’s always advisable to take out holiday insurance so you know you’re covered if anyone falls ill or you cannot go for any reason.

Big House Holiday Lets are always cheaper when you book direct - and check out our feedback to see how well we treat our guests :)